Prayer List

Please pray for these people who need our prayers (the dates after their names indicate when they will be taken off this list if no one requests that they be retained on it):

Jo Ann Dolezalik—2/4/18

Georgie Ann Nekuza-2/25/18

Sr. Genevieve Prochaska

Sr. Redempta Bradley

Rachel Zmolik—2/11/18

Catherine Roberts—1/7/18

David Trojacek—2/4/18

Margie Dvorak—2/18/18

Marguerite Patterson-1/14/18

Sherri Longoria—1/14/18

Jennifer Wright—2/11/18

Epi Garfias—2/25/17

Paul Tolliver—2/25/18

Melissa Patterson—1/14/18

Jerry Zmolik – 12/24/17

Marion Haba—2/18/18

Ed Tysdale—2/11/18

Lillian Barto—12/31/17

Alcario Sanchez—2/11/18

Patricia Riley—2/4/18

Rose Cooke—2/11/18

Robert Parma—12/24/17

Richard Mraz—2/4/18

Jo Ann Manak—1/14/18

Caroline Spellman—2/11/18

Mary Trojacek—2/4/18

Joan Trojacek—2/4/18

Tracy Toupal—2/18/18

Pauline Novy—2/25/18

Lillie Toth Cline -1/7/18

Randy Willis—1/21/18

Greg Wilborn—1/21/18

Diana Martinez—1/14/18

Pete Tysdal – 2/11/18

Vincent Ong, Jr.—1/7/18

Trevor Daniel—2/18/18

Danielle Brown—2/18/18

Chuck Pringle—12/3/173

Dennis Rejcek—2/18/18

Raul Monreal—12/24/17

Mary Gertrude Langley-12/24

Mary Trojacek—12/24/17

Joan Trojacek—12/24/17

Beth Johnson—12/31/17

Johnny Joe Lopez—1/7/18

Chastity Lopez—1/7/18

Jeffrey Limon—1/14/18

Lupe Ramirez—1/14/18

Robert Trevino—1/14/18

Paula Brownlee—1/14/18

Tommy Nguyen—1/14/18

Anayely Martinez—2/25/18

Larry Ureanovsky – 1/14/18

Edward Parma – 1/21/18

Angelita Garza—1/21/18

Jeanie Liska — 2/4/18

Mary Gertrude Langley – 2/4/18

Saul Fira – 2/4/18

Angie F. Garza – 2/4/18

Gonzalez Family—2/4/18

Alma Fira – 2/4/18

Mona Langley – 2/11/18

Teresa Jones—2/18/18

Robert Toth—2/18/18

Dorothy Sonka—2/18/18

Maria Arroyo—2/18/18

Lorne Dulworth—2/18/18

Hortensia O’Campo—2/18/18

Maribel Laguna—2/18/18



Lord, look upon me with the eyes of Your mercy, may Your healing hand rest upon me, may Your life-giving powers flow into every cell of my body and into the depths of my soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring me to wholeness and strength for service in Your Kingdom. Amen.    
O God, who art the only source of health and healing, the spirit of calm and the central peace of this universe, grant unto me such a consciousness of Your indwelling and surrounding presence, that I may permit You to give me health and strength and peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.