Our Lady of Guadalupe

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All the parishioners of St. John Nepomucene are cordially invited to the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The Novena will start on December 4th and throughout the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12th.  During the Novena, we will be praying the Rosary in the Church every evening.   On December 11th there will be Matachines (traditional dancing), and the MaƱanitas (traditional songs to Mary sung in the early morning) will be from 12 midnight to 1am.  On December 12th we will have a procession from downtown (beginning at 5:00pm) to St. John Nepomucene; we will continue with Mass.  We hope that everyone can participate in this celebration in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  May God bless you all.


Monday, Dec. 4th

6:30 pm Mass

7:00 pm Rosary


Tuesday, Dec. 5th

6:30 pm Mass

7:00 pm Rosary


Wednesday, Dec. 6th

6:30 pm Mass

7:00 pm Rosary


Thursday, Dec. 7th

6:30 pm Mass

7:30 pm Rosary


Friday, Dec. 8th

6:30 pm Mass (English)

7:00 pm Rosary


Saturday, Dec. 9th

7:30 pm Rosary


Sunday, Dec. 10th

12:30 pm Rosary

1:00 pm Mass


Monday, Dec. 11th

6:30 pm  Mass

7pm -12 midnight



Tuesday, Dec. 12th

5:00 pm Procession

6:30 pm Mass

8:00 pm Party @ KJT HALL


*all Novena Masses will be said in Spanish unless otherwise noted



Click on the pictures below to see pictures from the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration from 2011.

Here are a few pictures from 2010’s celebration.