St. John Nepomucene has a very active and on going Ministry schedule that encompasses many Ministries and Organizations that serve the Ennis community in a variety of ways.The list of our Ministries grows and evolves each year reflecting the needs and interests of our parishioners and the community.

Please Join Us

We invite you to join us as we teach and learn, pray and sanctify, and raise our voices in songs of praise.For when people worship and pray together; work and play together; laugh, cry and sacrifice together; they create a community with a common history and a rich heritage that becomes an essential element of their identity.We would like you to join and become One with us.

Come join in on these great ministries.  By our Baptisms and Confirmations, we are made a part of the People of God and given the responsibility to work toward the building up of the Church.  Take part in the ministry to which God is calling you and live out your Baptism.