Healing the Whole Person Retreat

January 31, 2017 by  
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Throughout the years, we have held many events that have brought people closer to God and brought them healing in their lives.  Through Christ Renews His Parish retreats, parish missions (especially the Unbound mission with Fr. Isaac and Br. Malachy and Deacon Poyo’s mission and follow-up small groups), the Frank Kelly healing night, and other events, many in our parish have experienced tremendous healing. 

Now we have something special that is focused precisely on healing those deep lies that we take with us through life and prevent us from living the life of love that Our Lord calls us to.

St. John Nepomucene will be hosting a healing retreat put on by the John Paul II Healing Center.  It will be held Thursday, April 20, through Saturday, April 22, including during the day on Friday.  This is open to anyone, and there are a limited number of spaces available. 

For more information and to register for this retreat, click here.