Catholic Toolbox Talks

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What’s in your Catholic Toolbox?

There are tools that can make it easier to understand and live your Catholic Faith. Just like using the right tool makes any other job easier, using the tools of the Faith can make living it easier.

What’s in your Bible Toolbox?

There are tools that can make it easier to understand the Bible. This, in turn, will make it easier to apply what you are learning in the Bible to living your faith.

Catholic Toolbox and Bible Toolbox Talks

We are holding a series of talks designed to give you the tools to live, explore, learn, and grow in your Faith.  These talks are being held on certain Wednesday evenings in room 101 in the compound.  You can come to any of them that you wish to come to, and each is a stand alone talk, so if you miss one or more, you can still come to any others you want to come to.  Handouts and other materials will be posted here after the talks.


Date Topic
10/4/17 Tips for Reading the Bible
10/18/17 The Book of Genesis
11/8/17 Daily, weekly, monthly living the Faith
11/15/17 The Book of Exodus
12/6/17 4 Ways of Meditating on Sacred Scripture
1/3/18 Books of Leviticus, Numbers, DeuteronomyCancelled
1/17/18 How to use the Catechism
2/7/18 Rosaries, Chaplets, Novenas, etc.
2/21/18 The Gospel according to Matthew
3/7/18 Spiritual reading classics
3/21/18 The Gospel according to Mark
4/11/18 Gestures of the Mass
4/25/18 The Gospel according to Luke
5/2/18 Catholic pilgrimages in Texas
5/16/18 The Gospel according to John


Handouts and Materials

Click on one of the links below for the PDF of that topic.

Tips for Reading the Bible

Overview of the Bible Handout

Order of Books of the Bible and Prayers for Reading the Bible

The Book of Genesis

Book of Genesis Handout

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Living the Faith

Spiritual Growth Discernment Sheet

Prayers – Morning Offering, etc.

Spiritual Disciplines Visual Log

The Book of Exodus

Book of Exodus Handout

4 Ways of Meditating on Sacred Scripture

4 Ways of Meditating Handout

How to Use the Catechism of the Catholic Church

How to Use the Catechism Handout